About Friemel

Hello you! 👋🏻

First and foremost I want to thank you for being here. Thanks to you I can make my dream come true and further shape it. So thank you!


My name is Britta and I started Friemel in April 2020, in the midst of a corona lockdown. What started as a small hobby quickly grew into a passion. But what is a passion without a mission? So I continued walking my path and asking myself: what do you as a mama need and what do I like to work on? You find the result in this webshop! Do you want to know more about myself and Friemel? Then be sure to read on.


When Friemel started, there was no plan, no concrete goal to achieve. Only one thing was important: to occupy myself with nice things. And that's Friemel for me. But in the meantime it has also become so much more. It is a place where I can use all my knowledge and creativity and convert this into nice and safe products for moms and children. And that gives me and you a good feeling, and that is ultimately the best goal, isn't it?


Friemel continues to grow thanks to you, and I grow with it. After some time it became clear what is important to me, and which pillars I focus on at Friemel:


  • importance of development at a young age
  • safety
  • modern looks


Watching a child grow up and learn is the most beautiful thing there is for me. I have been working with children since I was 16 years old and I can't get enough of it. Their eagerness to learn is inspiring. With Friemel's products I therefore also want to contribute to this growth and stimulate it in the correct way. Of course we do this in a safe way, because safety comes first when it comes to your little one.


All that growing up and learning may of course also have a nice appearance. That is why I design modern items with Friemel. Sustainable and minimalist in the broad sense. Items that are stimulating but not overstimulating, and that fit in with your vision of parenting.





PS: Do you want to know where the name Friemel comes from? This one comes from the nickname “friemelmie”, which roughly translates to little fidgeting girl. Fidgeting is also dialect for 'fiddling', which links to feeling. Did you know that this is the first sense that develops in your little one?