Friemel gives great importance to the safety of all its products. All products are made and checked with the necessary care and love. We follow the European safety standards EN-12586 and EN-71 that apply to baby and children's products.


We advise you not to leave your child alone with our products, but always to use them under the supervision of a parent or caregiver. The products may consist of small elements that can cause suffocation. Of course, the products are designed with great care to prevent this from happening, but it cannot be excluded as a possibility depending on usage of the Buyer. It is important that you always check the products before and after use for loose parts, wear or cracks.


Which materials are used?

All materials used in our products are not harmful to your child. That means free of lead, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals.

  • The silicone beads are BPA-free and 100% food grade silicone, with CE and FDA approval.
  • The wooden rings are made of natural and untreated wood.
  • The fabrics consist of different compositions, but are always suitable for babies and children.


Maintenance of the different materials

  • The silicone beads can be washed under the tap with cold or lukewarm water. Let the product air dry afterwards. It is not recommended to boil the silicone products, but the product can be put in the freezer for a while.
  • Do not keep a pacifier clip under the tap for too long, the clip is not water resistant.
  • Wooden rings or bite figures can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Keeping them under water for too long is not recommended, because this can make the wood soft.
  • For fabric products, it is recommended to wash at 30° and allow to dry naturally.


Additional instructions per product (category):



  • When the parts become loose, stop using the product.
  • A fully silicone teething ring can be placed in the freezer and then used as a cooling when teething.
  • Wooden teething rings should no longer be used as soon as your child has teeth.


Pacifier cord/play cord/pacifier cloth

  • A pacifier clip does not serve as a toy, but as an aid to not lose the pacifier.
  • A pacifier clip is not a teething toy. However, it is not a problem if your child has the beads in their mouth once.
  • Never let your child sleep with the cord. Never let your child use the pacifier clip unsupervised in the bed or cradle.
  • Never lengthen the cord. The specified length without clip is a maximum of 22 cm, as defined in the European standard EN 12586.
  • When the parts become loose, stop using the product.
  • Never untie buttons yourself.
  • When the materials come into contact with a lot of saliva or moisture, the product can wear out faster.


Pram garland/Maxi-Cosi hanger

  • When the parts become loose, stop using the product.
  • A pram garland is for looking at, not for playing with.
  • Under no circumstances should the product be used loose.



Friemel is not responsible for any accidents that arise from the use of our products. After purchase, you as a parent / caregiver are responsible for safety. We recommend that you follow the security conditions described above. If you have any doubts about safety, it is better to stop using the product.