The benefits of a babygym

De voordelen van een babygym

Friemel will soon launch her newest product: a babygym! A lot has already been said about it, but to bundle all the information I wrote about it in this blog. So are you curious about what a babygym actually is and what the benefits are? Then read on quickly.


A babygym: what is it?

When I started talking about a babygym, I quickly got the question: "Yeah but, is that some kind of fitness equipment for babies?" And there is a simple answer to that: actually yes. But when we think of fitness equipment, we immediately think of weightlifting, treadmills and all kinds of other equipment that we use to train our muscles. Our baby doesn't need that, does it?

A babygym trains your baby in the development of his or her body, just like a fitness machine does for us. The big difference is that your baby's body still has to develop in completely different areas: sensory and motor development are two major ones there.

To help your baby in this motor and sensory development, you can use the babygym. Because it really stimulates development through play, a babygym falls under toys. Traditionally you use it on a play mat on the floor or put it in the playpen.


What are the advantages?

As mentioned above, a babygym helps with the sensory and motor development of your child. But the benefits are more extensive than that, so I made a list:


  • It stimulates visually: your baby learns to look at the pendants on the babygym. They learn to focus and sharpen their sight by looking.


  • Hand-eye coordination improves because your baby can play with hands and feet, and look at the same time.


  • Your baby learns cause and effect: “I push something and it moves”.


  • Both your baby's gross and fine motor skills can develop further: large movements such as turning the head to rolling over, but also fine motor skills such as the grasping reflexes are stimulated.


  • The babygym stimulates the senses through sound and textures.


  • Science says that a child who gets a lot of exercise has positive consequences: a smaller chance of being overweight, a smaller chance of developmental delay and sometimes even a higher IQ.


  • The babygym invites you to learn to play independently.


  • Your baby will find that he can do the same thing over and over again, which will give your baby confidence.



Why the Friemel babygym?

Babygyms have been around for a long time and have been marketed by all kinds of brands. Why would you choose Friemel's babygym?


You can distinguish two large groups in the babygyms: the fabric gyms with bright colors and many different toys/lights/sounds, and the wooden gyms with quiet and unambiguous toys. Friemel deliberately opts for a babygym from the latter category, with the use of natural materials, calm colors and non-overstimulating toys.


I increasingly hear from parents that their child is completely burned out after a play session, or that it is no longer possible to know how or where to look. This can improve with toys in calm colors and natural materials. By not using light everywhere or making every toy make a sound, the toys have a more unambiguous way of using them. This way your baby can play independently without being overstimulated.


Not convinced yet? In addition to the fact that the babygym stimulates your baby's development in a calm manner, the babygym is also produced fairly and safely. The hangers are handmade in Belgium, and the frame is CE certified according to the European toy standard so that you can let your child play with peace of mind.


From what age can you use a babygym?

Your baby's development is progressing very fast. In the first months, your baby will be especially interested in what is happening around him or her. From about the third month, your child starts to grasp, discovers his feet and occasionally puts his toes in his mouth. These are signals that your baby is ready for a babygym.


Usage tips

Do you think after reading this blog that your child is also ready for a baby gym? You can here see which models Friemel has for you.


Do you want to start using the babygym? Here's a handy checklist:

  1. Check: are all parts and toys still in order? No loose parts? It is best to do this check with all the toys for your baby.
  2. Always supervise: stay nearby so that you can intervene immediately if necessary.
  3. Setting up the baby gym: always check that the frame is completely upright, flat on the floor. This way you can be sure of the sturdiness. You can use the babygym on a play mat or blanket, or directly in the playpen.
  4. Look at your baby: what is your baby's reaction to the baby gym? If your baby starts crying, it may still be too early.

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