Montessori Christmas activities for your little one

Montessori-kerstactiviteiten voor jouw kleintje

The Christmas holidays will start soon and maybe you are already wondering what to do with your little one? Of course you can go on many fun trips, but sometimes it is also nice to do a fun and educational activity indoors. Below you will find inspiration for some Montessori Christmas activities, by age. The age is an indication, especially look at what your own child likes to do.

All you need is colored stickers like the ones you can get here, and our download you can get for free below.


1. Colorful Christmas presents: 1 - 1.5 years

Hang colored gifts on the wall, at your child's eye level. Then give the stickers and explain that your child must hang the colored stickers with the correct color of the gift. This is how your child learns to match colors.

Do you want to add something extra? Then write on or above the gift how many stickers should be on the gift. For example, a 5 on the blue gift means that your child can hang 5 blue stickers there.







2. Garland in the Christmas tree: 1 - 2 years (+ variant for 2 - 5 years)

Print the tree from the free download or draw your own tree with a line as a garland. That line is a guideline for making a fun play garland. Your youngest can try to put the stickers nicely on the line so that the stickers form a nice garland.

For color-matching you can already make colored balls on the line, for example with a marker. Your child can then match the right color sticker with the garland.

Want to add an extra difficulty? Do not just color-match, but work with letters or other symbols.




3. Count Christmas baubles in the tree: 2 - 3 years

In the download you will find 9 Christmas trees, with stars numbered from 1 to 9. The number in the star tells how many Christmas balls will hang in the tree. You can hang these Christmas balls on the tree with stickers, or maybe you can also use nice glitter pom poms like these.

Another way of numbering Christmas baubles is possible with the Christmas tree that already has numbered circles. If you take the colored stickers and write numbers on them, your child can stick the right stickers on the right number.








4. Christmas sensory box: 2 - 4 years

A sensory box is becoming increasingly popular and you can buy it in several places. The box usually works around a certain theme, so now is the perfect time for a Christmas-theme! You can buy a sensory box ready-made, but you can also make one yourself.

You can make this Christmas sensory box with the following materials: (painted) pasta in red and green, glitter pom poms, plastic Christmas baubles in different sizes, a scoop and bowls.

Your child can use a sensory box in different ways: your child learns to feel and know different textures, your child can count with the materials, create and fill, or play freely.


5. Building snowmen: 3 - 5 years

Cut old toilet rolls (or kitchen roll) into pieces so that you can thread them around a stick, or use wooden blocks for stacking. The intention is that you stick the pieces of snowman per ring or block. Then your child can build snowmen: the number in the hat corresponds to the number of buttons on the snowman's belly.





How do you start a Montessori activity with your little one? 

In a Montessori activity, the environment is important: it must be prepared. You as a parent collect all the materials and lay them out or hang them up. You can also do this together, or, for example, collect everything on a plateau where your child can take the activity from the plateau in a cupboard.

After setting up the activity, you can explain or demonstrate the purpose of the activity once. After that, your child can get started on his own. Let your child do it, so that it can learn to master the skill of the activity itself. To learn this in depth, it is important that you as a parent do not intervene. You can discuss the result afterwards and let your child try again if he or she likes it.


Do you want to get started with one of these activities this Christmas holiday? Download here the pdf with figures that you can use. Good luck with the Montessori activities and have fun during the Christmas holidays! Do not hesitate to share your fun with us via social media.

The inspiration and images for this vlog come from Happy Tot Shelf, a place where you can go for many other fun learning activities. The free download is drawn by Friemel.



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